Deane Thomas is a leader, philanthropist and a truly global citizen with a wide understanding of various cultures and perspectives. He is also a published author and avid blogger.  Through his experiences, he has developed excellent communicative skills and is able to assess other people and their needs very effectively. Originating from the U.K his English is very clear and he also speaks fluent Croatian, Serbian and Spanish whilst also having a basic understanding of French. Deane created True Tesla Technologies (UK) Limited in 2014, and has been assisting innovator Tomislav Tesla on a journey to commercialising his IPR.  In August 2019, True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited was incorporated in Mauritius to begin the commercialisation of several technologies.

Deane is a superb and enthusiastic problem solver and project manager who is highly passionate about the environment and issues we all face in today’s world. He has extensive corporate experience and is a loving, caring family man and father to 6 amazing children. This combination enables Deane to negotiate in a very diverse range of situations with a myriad people from varying backgrounds. Growth through connecting with genuinely positive people and building networks, technologies and business models that benefit humanity and Earth’s ecosystems describe exactly the direction Deane and his colleagues at True Tesla Technologies.


Deane and the co-founders of True Tesla Technologies are focused on delivering cutting-edge green and blue energy technologies that harmonise with their local environment as well as producing record-breaking amounts of usable and sustainable energy. These technologies have the ability to provide energy for the whole planet without the need to remove precious resources from the land as they are built largely using local and natural materials.

A New Era of Tesla has been born. We are only here for a short time, it matters what we do today!