True Tesla Technologies wishes to work with recognised Institutes and Research Centres to demonstrate the technologies efficiency and the positive impact on local environments.Many nations rely on old techniques in calculating potential capacities for hydro power, as well as causing irreversible damage to the environment.  With the introduction of Tesla’s Cascading Hydro Power plants, and the future Tidal Hydro Power plants, we intend to set a new and improved method of energy generation.

Tesla’s new technology will create a new means of calculating the capacity of Hydro Power in every nation.  This in turn will create a valuable contribution to a shift towards hydro power, and less reliance on environmentally unfriendly technologies.  In addition we will see a drastic and immediate positive transformation of the bio-sphere.  Impacts on the atmosphere will be evident within a matter of months once in function.  With very short construction times, energy is generated immediately.  Projects can be implemented simultaneously, effectively creating a rapid deployment of assistance to Mother Nature.

Utilising nature’s assets, as well as enhancing the bio-sphere is perhaps a new trend in technology evolution.  With a spate of large corporations diversifying their shift to alternatives, including wave and wind, they are reliant on extensive damage to the environment.  In many ways the expected power generation capacities anticipated fall well short when projects are completed.  In addition the damage caused in preparing ground works, has a substantial impact on the environment.  Long terms effects to the environment on the ground as well as in the atmosphere are perpetual.


Tesla’s Fisheries Technology is an Innovative solution for capture, feeding and harvesting fish which is practical for all environments.  As the technology is Semi-submersible, offering automatic feeding and complete with remote sensors with radio/satellite communication and monitoring capabilities it is ideal for offshore fish farms.

The technology incorporates and is constructed of a material which deters and repels natural predators in such an environment.  This ensures the harvest is protected and allowed to develop in a secure space.  In addition, due to the automatic feeding stations, we are creating a healthier habitat for fish to live and grow.  Reduced stress increases quality and saleability of the catch.

Due to the semi-automatic processes, there will be a lower carbon footprint as this solution does not rely on trawling or long lining capture methods.  Effectively, substantial fish farms can be placed in pre-determined locations within the EEZ, and provide substantial numbers of high quality fish to enter the domestic and export markets.

With further developments and research we believe the technology can be rolled out in many on and offshore locations enabling both sea and freshwater fish to be harvested.

Sediment Recovery

Reservoirs – Sediment Recovery and Increase in Potable Water Supply

Tesla’s sediment recovery technology will have many positive effects to the local environment. Firstly the increase in available water for existing HPP and potable water supply. With some reservoirs having been used for over a century, a colossal amount of sediment will have built up on the bed. By removing this sediment, we will effectively increase the depth of the reservoirs. The recovery of the sediment will be the second benefit.

Sediments contain many elements that can be utilised in today’s environment. Sand, gravel, and stone can be revered for use in construction. Minerals and heavy metals can be recovered and sold to offset costs of the operations. Organic material can be reutilised as fertiliser for bio-organic farming, and toxic elements can be safely managed and disposed of. In addition the impact on flora and fauna will also be effected in a positive manner.