Today, we are realising the Tesla Family Dream!

Nicola_Tesla_Teslas-WorldBesides electric vehicles, Nikola Tesla’s name adorns a remarkable variety of things. From streets in his home country of Croatia to a measurement of magnetic field strength to a prestigious award for innovation in the electrical sciences, the world has memorialized Tesla in many ways.

One of the more unique and authentic tributes to the famous inventor is a cryptocurrency called Tesla’s World Token. The digital currency was designed to promote renewable energy development and it appears that its namesake would have approved.

Tesla is often associated with electric vehicles, batteries, or space travel. However, Tesla’s legacy extends far beyond these modern innovations. In the late 19th century, Tesla was part of a team that harnessed the power of Niagara Falls. This was a revolutionary step in the way we generated and delivered electricity to the world. Tesla’s work laid the foundation for modern electrical infrastructure, and his legacy continues to inspire inventors and engineers today.

How a cryptocurrency can empower the developing world

The problem with electricity generation in Africa is not a lack of resources. The continent is home to an abundance of sun, wind, and waterpower. The problem is marred by shortages, unreliability, and high costs.

The heart of the continent remains in darkness as night-time falls. Indeed, satellite photographs show that electrical rates are lower than 5% in Chad and the Central African Republic, and they remain below 50% in such populous countries as Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Sudan. Even South Africa, one of the most industrialized countries, experiences frequent blackouts.

We know that the modern world thrives on electrical power. Without it, we don’t have things like lights, medical equipment, or the internet.

So how can a cryptocurrency help to change this?

Tomislav Tesla, the great-great nephew of Nikola Tesla, is living out his late relative’s legacy by not only patenting inventions such as the Cascading Hydro Power Plant, Hydro Generator and Irrigation System, and Tidal Range Hydro Turbine, but also working to harness the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to benefit those in most need.

In fact, Tesla’s World Token was co-created by Tomislav.

The team behind Tesla’s World Token has a plan to use the public’s enthusiasm for crypto and channel this into renewables (hydropower) to benefit the people of Africa. Work is already underway on their pilot project, a 100kW Cascading Hydro Power Plant that will transform the energy production within the country of Mauritius.

What’s next for the project?

The Cardano-based project is preparing for its private sale phase. Once the private sale is complete, the team behind Tesla’s World Coin will vet the applicants and determine the most suitable players to on-board for their most ambitious project yet.

Next year, the most suitable applicants will fly to Mauritius and begin to learn the protocols, practices, and values of the company. They will be provided working manuals, business partners, data and everything they need to build their own hydroelectricity company.

The goal is to begin to provide renewable energy to the people of Mauritius at a fraction of the cost they are currently paying.

The number of participants in the Tesla World Token private sale will be restricted to a maximum of 99 applicants. Each applicant must provide information on how they plan to implement the project in their country and a minimum team (of six), as well as evidence of cryptocurrency wallet funds.

Final thoughts

This is certainly a very audacious plan. And a long-term one at that. The goal of Tesla’s World Token is to grow authentically, sustainably and with great social responsibility. It certainly isn’t a flash in the pan, “to the moon”-type crypto.

As Nikola Tesla himself once remarked, “a new idea must not be judged by its immediate results.”

This token has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of millions of people who currently don’t have access to reliable electricity, given time.

However, like anything, there comes a time when you must act. We think that time is now. Cardano and Tesla’s World Token offer a unique solution to a problem that has, until now, been considered unsolvable.

We urge you to take part in the private sale and help make Nikola Tesla’s vision for a better world a reality.