About Us

True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited was incorporated in August 2019 as a vehicle to service the Indian Ocean and Eastern African territories.

The focus of the business in Mauritius is to develop and commercialise several technologies including a unique flow of river turbine for use in low lying waterways.  We endeavour to have the first per-production hydro power generation system installed in early 2020 (subject to approvals).  Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Systems will be developed in cooperation with several national stakeholders.  It is intended to supply “test energy” to the grid under commercial agreements for a minimum period of one year after installation.

Working in conjunction with academia, we are able to prepare the technology for the commercial market in the surrounding region.  It is also intended to transfer the technology to other Island nations to support their energy independence.  It is anticipated that Mauritius will become the main research and innovation centre of True Tesla Technologies.

During 2019 we also intend to begin research and development of Tesla’s innovative fisheries technology and sediment recovery system.