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During the last three years we have produced an internationally acclaimed documentary called “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”. The success has resulted in over 50 awards of recognition at leading film festivals, including Cannes and New York. We have initiated a sequel called “Three Wise Men – Journey to Africa” which will be released in 2024.

We have created an international independent film festival in Mauritius called “Phare International Film Festival Mauritius”. We are currently in the third season, with an annual event in December each year. We have received tens of entries each year, and with a little marketing, this event can grow into an incredible annual attraction.

We are engaged with the community, and involved with assisting the creative arts sector in particular. We are involved in several cinema projects, which include a new feature film “Les Cris Du Baobob”.

We have created a dedicated CSR strategy, which will see many local projects being initiated with and directly in the community.

There are other potentials for manufacturing partnerships to service our local and international expansion. This could see us offering manufacturing license’s or even establish joint facilities that will create new skilled jobs, as well as a platform for transfer of knowledge to other licensee’s in the region.

We have a library of research and market information which is available on request.

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Three Wise Men - Journey To Africa

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