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Tesla Cascading Hydropower Plant

Since first meeting Tomislav Tesla in 2014, it has been an incredible journey that has taken us from Serbia, to Russia, to Europe and finally to the Indian Ocean. In order to realise the true potential and value of Tesla`s patents it is necessary to prove the concept in the commercial world. Perhaps it was a moment of destiny that led us to Mauritius and secure the permission to install the world’s first Tesla Cascading Hydropower Plant.  Due to be completed and delivering energy in the second-half of 2023.

scale up the work

Our Journey In Brief

Since 2019, we have secured the investment necessary to deliver the first commercial system. We have also built the foundations with a strong team who are focused and share the vision. Together, we have built the brand, developed a roadmap, as well as forged strong relationships in areas necessary for our growth. Now we are seeking to implement our vision of the future, today.

As we enter a new phase, it is necessary to align with suitable partners in order to scale up the work we have already begun. We recognise the impact our technologies can have in the market and look forward to sharing our technologies with Africa, and then the World.

discovering the market

We have learned a great deal from our short time exploring the market. It is vast and traditionally relies on well-established connections for success. We believe we have several disruptive technologies that can transform several sectors.

realising the true potential of kinetic energy

world’s first Tesla Cascading Hydropower Plant

Yemen Bridge River Tamarin Mauritius 5

River Tamarin, Mauritius

We are constructing the worlds premiere Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Plant. Located on the River Tamarin at Yemen, Mauritius.  Once connected, we will be delivering pure renewable energy to the population of Mauritius.  Energy will be purchased by the Central Electricity Board, with an option to sign a long term Energy
Purchase Agreement. Location of project

Tesla`s Innovative Turbine V3

Tesla's Innovative Turbine

Design improvements incorporated in the latest blueprints has allowed a substantial
reduction in the materials used. A 50% reduction in materials and weight have been achieved. Creating a modular design, will ensure systems can be made, shipped and installed very quickly. Improvements made have lead to other cost saving benefits associated with freight and transport.

Yemen Bridge River Tamarin Mauritius 2

Run-Of-River SHPP

As we extend the network of SHPP’s, we will develop an application for technical support, as well as  creating a  communications system enabling each station to work independently. 

Our aim is to provide multiple systems in a single river or source, that adapt to the local ebbs and flows.

In time’s of increased rainfall or excessive water flows.

Our investors and partners provide invaluable insight in order for us to navigate the market successfully.

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