True Tesla Technologies Renewable Energy Project In Mauritius

The world’s first pilot project of its type

With the alarming change in climate, the implementation of renewable energy technologies has grown imperative. The current interest in this has escalated greatly, technological innovations are now available. Private and public sectors are playing their roles, today we are pleased to announce that True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) has entered into a connection agreement with CEB, for the installation of an innovative Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Plant.  The world’s first pilot project of its type, will be located in the River Tamarin at Yemen.  Tesla’s innovative technology will supply renewable energy to the national grid once it is installed later this year.

Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA), in conjunction with Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), and the Central Electricity Board (CEB) recently concluded a unique approach for innovators who offer viable technical solutions for renewable energy generation.  The criteria specifically targeted technologies that have not been implemented commercially, and have the ability to be developed in Mauritius.

Perhaps it was a fortuitous moment when the founder of True Tesla Technologies, caught the attention of Mauritius during a presentation of Tesla’s Hydro Power Plant in Moscow, Russia.  With the invaluable support of the Embassy of Mauritius in Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mauritius and the Embassy of Russia in Mauritius, it was a moment to discover how Tesla’s technology can benefit a fossil fuel dependent nation.

It is clear that all parties are working tirelessly for the strengthening of ideas and business relations between Africa, Mauritius and Russia. During an initial discovery of Mauritius in early 2019, it was immediately obvious that innovation is essential for the small Island nation.  After many meetings and potential site visits, it was decided to create True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited.

In many ways this a continuation of the legacy of the great Nikola Tesla. As the inventor of the AC electric motor, which were first used in the Niagara Falls project in 1896.  He envisaged access to electrical energy for everyone; and so the legacy continues today in Mauritius through his descendant Tomislav Tesla.

A local company with a mission to develop Tesla’s technologies for the African continent.  Agreements have been formed with local collaboration partners who have a vested interest in solving many of the issues faced today.  These include University of Mauritius, who have and will continue to assist the technologies implementation in Mauritius.

Dr. Yatindra Kumar Ramgolam of University of Mauritius mentioned today “TTT has proposed an innovative cascading hydro power technology which might change the landscape of clean and renewable energy generation in Mauritius.”

Regarding the collaboration, he went on to say “This project provides an ideal platform for the UoM to demonstrate both its research capacity and entrepreneurial endeavour for innovative projects in relation to renewable energy. The University of Mauritius has extended its support to TTT to successfully realise the project and engage in further research to improve the performance of the cascading hydro power plant. ” 

In addition, Lumitech Ltee, has partnered to assist Tesla with the ongoing development of the hardware necessary for deployment of the first project.  Managing Director of Lumitech Ltee, Kevin Brissonnette said “When I was first approached and presented the project last year by True Tesla Technologies, I had no hesitation and I was really enthusiastic to be part of the project with my team.”

Kevin went on to say “Since 2003, we have been involved in almost all IPP & CEB projects in Mauritius, with production of electricity from oil, coal, bagasse, wood chips and solar. This innovative technology will now bring a whole new dimension on the way we are generating power

In closing Kevin commented “Today’s world shows us, how dependent we are on some resources and this technology will definitely be a huge step forward for Mauritius”

Connecting The Community

One of the most important factors for this type of project is how the community will benefit.  These factors are at the core of the company philosophy.  With the future capacity of this, and many other technologies in the portfolio, the aim is to manufacture at a community level.  Transferring the engineering know how to local manufacturers is crucial in ensuring a rapid deployment of solutions across Mauritius and in to Africa.

Once the initial system has been formally assessed and satisfies the technical criteria of the local grid, it is anticipated, by the end of 2021, Tesla’s solution may be deployed across the river network of Mauritius.  River’s on the Island have additional capacity to produce renewable energy, and over the coming year, will be assessed for the full potential.

True Tesla Technologies local director, David Dabeesing who is coordinating events in Mauritius said “TTT would like give its vote of thanks to MARENA/MRIC and CEB for giving us the opportunity in developing a pilot cascading hydro plant of 100 kW in Mauritius.”

“According to our planned schedule, the pilot plant is expected to be installed by mid-November 2020.” With regard to the future potential of the pilot project David said “Following successful tests, the plant shall be connected to the CEB’s grid and the exported energy shall be remunerated at an agreed rate provided under the National Scheme for innovative RE technologies. Should the pilot plant meet the guaranteed performance over a one year testing period, there is a possibility of extending same on other rivers of Mauritius whereby several megawatts of energy can be eventually harnessed.”

Tesla’s vision is not limited to energy generation – there is also a need to engage the communities and bring them back to nature.  Each of the installations local surroundings can be enhanced to include picnic areas, fishing points, water sports and other activities.  There are a tremendous number of holistic benefits to nature and visitors alike. Working consciously with Mother Nature so that we as humanity can benefit from her wonders.

Message from Tomislav Tesla

On the signing of the agreement in Mauritius, Tomislav Tesla sent a special message to the team and people of Mauritius:

As the most beautiful part of the planet, Africa with its diversity and richness of nature provides inspiration for the development of new technologies, which would work for the benefit of man and nature. Is it possible? Let’s try, we will see progress in the production of electricity with zero emissions.” 

He went on to say “Let us witness the development of humane and unique sustainable fisheries systems. Let’s clean the existing reservoirs with self-cleaning technology, and contribute to the reservoirs in Mauritius and Africa being with clean water to supply the population.” 

In closing Tesla said “Our innovative cascading hydropower plants are our current priority, the rest follows. Greetings to the people of Mauritius, who have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet. Let’s save nature, and improve life!”

True Tesla Technologies is leading in the fight for environmental sustainability and economic recovery, every African nation should key in this fight.